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      about us
      Our (US Based) Technical Staff Closely Work with Our Clients

      US Based Software Company

      Cyber DesignZ has office in USA. We are quickly expanding as our clientele grows. We are always on the watch out for new partnerships to serve our customers better. In the domains of web design & development and software development we have got good expertise and a professionally strong network to rely upon.


      Technical network

      CyberDesignz holds enough resources to successfully initiate, implement, and finalize a project of any size and dimension. Our technical network includes:


      • International technological standards such as W3C and Web 2.0
      • Spacious office space
      • A comfortable and secure workplace for each member outfitted with up-to-date software
      • A broadband Internet connection
      • Several telephone lines.


      Our People's network


      With us you don't just get a website programmer, you get an expert team consisting of Project Manager, Web Marketer, Web Designer, Programmer and Quality Assurance Analyst.


      All of the CyberDesignz employees come from different academic backgrounds having vast array of skills and genuine experience. Each of the staff members is an organized and disciplined worker being able to bring a depth of talent and creativity to the company.

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